Volunteers at Salford’s multiple award-winning community radio station are today launching a crowd-funding campaign to keep the station open.

They have just 8 weeks to raise the £10,000 the station needs in order to meet Ofcom’s strict rules on renewing the broadcast licence; and they’re appealing to the people of Salford and the wider community to keep then on air

Because by April 1st 2017 the station has to present viable accounts for the year ahead.

Salford City Radio station is run by 83 volunteers aged between 18 and 85. Each person also broadcasts on the station as well as helping in the day to day running. They need to raise money to secure its next licence, maintain equipment, and keep providing a service to the local community.

Chris Bell studio manager says: “This station gives a voice to those that wouldn’t have one otherwise. It gives volunteers young and old a brilliant chance to learn new skills and grow their confidence. It would be a tragedy if it went to the wall. But honestly, I know the people of Salford are going to get behind us’. Chris cut his teeth in radio as a volunteer broadcaster and the experience has helped him get work at the BBC, In 5Live Radio and also BBC Sport.

The station has hosted hundreds of volunteers since it was founded by Salford City Council in 2007. Since then it has broadcast continuously from its base at Swinton Civic Centre.